Is 30% Tracking Compliance Success Good Enough?

October 20th, 2018 10am PST | 1pm EST Your Desk!

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Brokers and 3PLs face a major dilemma: Most shippers expect 80-90% real-time freight visibility, but most load tracking systems aren’t able to deliver, so brokers and 3PLs are left making numerous check-in calls per load creating operational inefficiencies.

Is 30% Tracking Compliance Success Good Enough White PaperThis white paper “Is 30% Tracking Compliance Good Enough” answers the following questions:

  • Why does visibility matter?
  • Does 30% or less tracking compliance success provide enough value to shippers and subsequently to brokers/3PLs?
  • Why is carrier adoption of freight tracking technology generally low?
  • How can real-time, accurate visibility influence a brokerage’s efficiency and revenue?
  • If B2C businesses can provide specific tracking information for small value shipments, why can’t shippers expect the same for their shipments, which are valued at thousands of dollars?
  • How can a freight broker/3PL use visibility as a service differentiator to win (and in most cases, retain) a shipper’s business?
  • How much can Trucker Tools’ visibility solution increase tracking compliance success for my brokerage/3PL?
  • What questions should be asked when considering whether to use a load tracking technology?

Read how Trucker Tools provides brokers and 3PLs with real-time, accurate freight tracking solution that helps reduce number of check-in calls, increases operational efficiency and delivers an average load tracking success of 72% and more. 


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